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First Full Length Collection - 'sikfan glaschu' - OUT NOW!!!


be happy

how to cook

you are mistaken


Potluckzine Issue 1: Cooking During Covid - “conversations from the line outside the supermarket”

Marbles Mag Issue 4: Unfinished - “risk assessment for self-referral”

Placeholder Press Issue 1 - “JAM”, “sometimes i wish i could fix things like you”

404 Ink Issue 5 - Space - "liminal being"

Blood Bath Issue 2: DEMONS - "666"

The Flexible Persona Vol 03 #2 the Passage Issue Fall 2018 - "outlet", "errored"

Monstrous Regiment #2 EMERALD Issue - "healing properties"

ZARF 11 - "allez cuisine"

SPAM ZINE #6 chips & cheese - "its working", "the chinese"

The Suburban Review Vol.7 - “immigration”

* Ariadne’s Thread Issue 9 (Winter 2013/2014) - “ghosts” (shortlisted for Ariadne’s Thread Competition 2013)


The Edwin Morgan Centenary Collection - “eight slices”. “munchy box”

Haunted Voices: An Anthology of Gothic Storytelling From Scotland - "the possession"

Spoken Word London - Anti-Hate Anthology - "jump cuts", "basic economics"

The Dizziness of Freedom - "are stars supposed to move like that", "i made it", "cbt"

In Which Dragons are Real But - "the new spring bamboo", "the new golden phoenix"

Why Poetry? The Lunar Poetry Podcasts Anthology – "content"

Heathrow Airport, Liminal Residency - "heathrow poem", "existing…"

UEA Creative Writing Anthology Poetry 2016 - “the sea is grey + even”, “i am on the floor cutting roast duck into bits”, “stealing table sauces from wetherspoons”

Screams and Silences - “we sometimes still hear them”, “obscene art”, “anywhere but here”

The Trouble with Parallel Universes - “in a different light”


Selcouth #2 – Food Edition - “chip butty”, “in 1884 south kensington london”, “the battle for glasgow scotland”

bathmagg Issue 4 - “where is the tree my 公公 drew”

SPOONFEED Issue 1 - “the godmother”, “segmented”

GENERATORPROJECTS call + response 1. blooms - “hungerblossoms”

bitter melon Stay Home Diary - "3/31/20/20" - "stay inside"

datableedzine issue 12 - "assorted histories of shaolin"

Visual Verse Vol.04 Chapter 10 - "a dramatization"

Glasgow Review of Books - “taijitu”, “taijitu”

Blue of Noon (March 19th 2015) - “an honest review"

The Suburban Review ‘True Equals False’ (August 31st 2015) -“cleansing rituals”

Fake Poems (June 14th 2014) - “rush hour”


Scottish BAME Writers Network Audio Anthology

Many Voices Many Kitchens Editor for Bella Caledonia

Guest Editor for SPOONFEED Issue 1.2

Poetry Editor at EX/POST Magazine

Guest Poetry Reader for Gutter Magazine Issue 21, 2020

Food Experiences Workshop for Scottish BAME Writers Network, April 2020

Psycho Gastro Studio Online Workshop Course at the Poetry School, September 2019

Eat Your Words Workshop at Tutor Academy, Poetry School, April 2019

National Library of Scotland 21st Century Reading Bursary Recipient

National Theatre of Scotland Starter Artist 2017

Rialto Open Pamphlet Competition 2016

Cafe Writers Open Poetry Competition 2015 - Funniest Poem Award

2013 Farrago Zoo Award for Best Debut Performance


Currently working on:


Magnetic North 2020 Micro-Commission

Scottish Arts Club 2020 Stepping Stones Theatre Award

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